Damning senate inquiry report buries Perth Freight Link

The snap senate inquiry into environmental breaches of the Perth Freight Link project has handed down a devastating report, unequivocally stating the project is proceeding in breach of state and federal environmental conditions, and works should immediately cease, the Australian Greens said today.

“This report is the most damning I have seen in my time in the senate. It makes clear what a disaster the freight link has been from the outset,” Australian Greens Co-Deputy Leader and Senator for WA Scott Ludlam said today.

“The evidence the committee heard about repeated breaches of environmental conditions at the Beeliar wetlands is impossible to ignore: work on site must immediately cease.

“Failure to adequately survey nesting areas for endangered cockatoos, insufficient trapping and relocation of marsupials in the woodlands, asbestos-laden dust coating residents homes: Premier Colin Barnett has quite literally bulldozed ahead with no regard for the damage he’s doing.

“The contempt on display from the Barnett and Turnbull governments is astounding. This report clearly lays out the multiple instances where they seem to consider themselves above the law. 

“It’s thanks to community campaigners on the ground that the committee was able to consider these breaches in such detail. This is the same community that Colin Barnett has been ignoring, and the same community that will send him packing this Saturday,” Senator Ludlam said.