Government needs to protect ducks with wetland closures

Protected freckled ducks, blue-billed ducks and blue-winged shovelers have been recorded at wetlands across Victoria, but only one week from opening weekend the government has failed to close wetlands.

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says the government needs to close these wetlands immediately, to protect threatened duck species and allow shooters to make alternative arrangements for next weekend.

Recreational duck shooting is illegal in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, but is allowed in Victoria.

This government is allowing a full shooting season this year, despite duck numbers being recorded at record low levels.

“There are protected waterbirds on Victorian wetlands, yet the government has done nothing to protect these birds ahead of duck shooting season,” Greg Barber said.

“The minister needs to shut these wetlands down now, to avoid the chaotic last minute closures we saw last year.

“Shooting native ducks is cruel and has been banned in other states. Victoria should follow their lead and make this illegal, but in the meantime the minister needs to close wetlands where protected species are present,” he said.