Sojern's New Global Travel Insights Report Reveals Spring Trends and Offers Tips for Travel Marketers

Sojern, the world’s leading traveler audience engagement platform that delivered $3Bin direct booking revenue for travel companies last year, today released its Q1 Global Travel Insights report. The report uncovers emerging travel patterns and destinations for spring travel around the world and arms travel marketers with insights on how to tailor more effective consumer messages to drive bookings for a specific travel window. 

Sojern’s quarterly reports are based on travel intent data from 350 million traveler profiles, across 100,000 unique audience segments and billions of travel intent signals, including search and booking data from online and mobile channels.

Spring Break Hot Spots Beginning to Emerge

Beach destinations dominate the spring travel scene for North Americans. The top searched beach destinations include: Miami, Cancun, Honolulu, Fort Myers and San Juan.

Latin American travelers are also interested in the beaches of Miami and Cancun, but given their easier access to other destinations and their diverse cultural ties, they’re also looking for different beach getaways: Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro and Havana rounded up the top five. 

For Europe, Spain dominates beach searches: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, and Alicante all make the top five searched beach destinations. The only non-Spanish beach destination on the list is, surprisingly, not nearby Greece, but Miami, an ocean away – a piece of good news for Florida travel marketers.

Easter Travel Planning Is Already Underway in Latin America, Europe and Asia

By looking at early searches for spring travel, Sojern was able to see the decision-making process for many travelers in countries with public holidays around Good Friday. 

Latin American travelers are looking at extended Easter celebrations: Semana Santa—or Holy Week—is a big travel time for many on the continent. The top departure dates searched are in the week before Easter and the week of Easter, with April 1 as the top searched departure day.

In Europe, the top searched departure dates in April are the 1, 8, and 14. Travelers in countries like Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom have Good Friday off and are looking to take advantage of the three or even four day weekend.

We see similar travel planning occur on the other side of the globe, in Asia-Pacific. Countries like Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong also observe Good Friday as a public holiday. With the Friday off, we see the 13, the Thursday before Easter, as one of the most popular dates searched for departures in the region, along with April 1 and 29. Overall, Asia-Pacific travelers are looking to leave earlier than their European counterparts. 

Q4 2016: Top Destinations Shifted, Share of Searches and Bookings Were Uneven

Looking back at the last quarter of 2016, with the exception of Middle East and Africa, Sojern noted an increase in the share of family travel (3+ travelers), not surprising given the winter holidays. The report also shows a number of shifts in the top outbound destinations: Palma De Mallorca fell out of the top five destinations for Europeans, replaced by Amsterdam. For Asian travelers, London, which was in the top five destinations searched last quarter, was replaced by Taipei in Q4. 

Another shift in Q4 took place in the share of search and bookings: Generally, the share of booking and searching is spread evenly across each month, with only a percentage difference. This was not the case for Q4. Instead, we saw October dominate in bookings, November see the most searches, and both search and bookings level out in December. 

About Sojern:

Sojern is the industry’s leading traveler audience engagement platform. Activating insights from 350 million traveler profiles, 100,000 unique audience segments and billions of travel intent signals including search and booking data across online and mobile channels, we put more heads in beds, travelers in seats, and tourists in towns for our clients worldwide. Currently one of the fastest growing travel tech companies, Sojern works with top travel brands around the world. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with key offices in Dubai, London, New York, Omaha and Singapore. For more information, please visit

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Oklahoma Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs Applauded for Certification

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Attorney General’s Victim Services Unit Tuesday recognized domestic violence and sexual assault programs across the state that achieved the highest standards necessary for certification. 
“A majority of the programs in the state have achieved a score of at least 90 percent on their certification reviews, which is outstanding and a testament to how hard Oklahoma advocates and the Attorney General’s Office have worked to address this issue,” said Lesley March, chief of the AG’s Victim Services Unit. “We applaud their continued dedication.” 
State law requires certification of centers every three years by the Attorney General’s Office to ensure that programs are providing the necessary services for clients, proper training for staff members and maintaining essential resources. 
The certification process involves an application, a site review for conditional or temporary certification, a plan of correction to address any deficiencies, and a follow-up site review to see if corrective actions have been implemented. 
Certification is granted after a program has achieved 100 percent compliance with the standards of the Oklahoma Administrative Code. In 2005, the Oklahoma legislature authorized the AG’s Office to oversee the certification process. 
There are 29 certified domestic violence and sexual assault programs in Oklahoma. These programs offer access to shelter, a 24-hour statewide referral hotline, safety planning, crisis intervention, court advocacy and individual assistance for clients and their children. 
For additional information about the AG’s Victim Services Unit, including certification, visit If you are in an abusive relationship or have been sexually assaulted, or if you know someone who needs help, please call (800) 522-SAFE.


Osborne Phiri has been a guide with RSC for the last 3 years. He’s travelled throughout the whole country but this year he had the chance to experience a really unique trip, assisting the media team on the biggest elephant relocation project in the world. Here he tells us more about his experiences on this incredible project which ended up featuring a very famous royal guest…
(TRAVPR.COM) UK – January 31st, 2017 – Osborne Phiri has been a guide with RSC for the last 3 years. He’s travelled throughout the whole country but this year he had the chance to experience a really unique trip, assisting the media team on the biggest elephant relocation project in the world. Here he tells us more about his experiences on this incredible project which ended up featuring a very famous royal guest…
I worked with African Parks, on the moving of the wild animals from Liwonde National Parks to Nkhotakota Game Reserve. African Parks worked in conjunction with Malawi government from July to August 2016 to translocate different species of wild animals from Liwonde and Majete, to Nkhotakota Game reserve. This is from the South to the North of Malawi.
The Responsible Safari Company, was looking after the logistics for all the International media groups covering the whole translocation exercise. Each week a different media crew would fly into Blantyre to record this internationally publicised event. I was assigned by RSC as the guide to look after these teams and follow the progress throughout the enormous challenge of moving 250 elephants in about 6 weeks. It was a life time experience for me to be part of the team. My job was to drive and guide the media team through the parks, to follow the elephants’ journeys, from the point of capture to the release from different parts of the Malawi during this exercise.
Every day, the helicopter would search for elephants and drive them into an open space within the park which was easily accessible for the ground team. Highly experienced conservationists would then dart the elephants with tranquilizer and the ground team would then rush in 4x4s to make sure that the elephants fell safely to the ground. I had many opportunities to be very close to these enormous animals, being able to touch them, feel them as they breathe. I joined and helped the capture team by putting ropes on the elephants’ feet after they were tranquillized, ready to be taken to their new home. At this point, the elephants were then loaded into enormous trucks and driven up to Nkotakota National Park and released into a sanctuary.
It was awesome to see how the capture team was coordinating with each other during and before catching the elephants. As we were working with such powerful wild animals, it could have been a very dangerous job if the guys were not working as a team. Amazingly the whole exercise finished without any incident, because the team worked together as one with passion, good coordination, and everybody knew and did their jobs very well with great care. Prince Harry surprised us all by also coming to work on this project for a while and he also became a very integrated member of the team!
Thank you management and staff of Conservation Resolutions, for briefing, teaching and allowing me in joining your team in the field during capturing of the elephants. I have learnt a lot of things. My big thank you to the management of RSC, for choosing me to do this exciting and educating job. Thank you to African Parks for contracting RSC on one of Malawi’s biggest wildlife project. During this project I have met and made friends with different and important people from different parts of the world.
Thank you very much

Original Blog by Responsible Safari Company


Michael Edward Hooper – 6 p.m. Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester

Name: Michael Edward Hooper
DOB: 07/09/72
Sex: Male
Age at Date of Crime: 21
Victim(s): Cynthia Lynn Jarman, 23Tonya Kay Jarman, 5Timmy Glen Jarman, 3
Date of Crime: 12/07/93 (bodies discovered 12/10/93)
Date of Sentence: 07/25/95 (1st sentencing)10/27/04 (re-sentenced)
Crime Location: In a field near 164th and Morgan Road
Judge: Edward C. Cunningham (1st trial and re-sentencing)
Prosecuting: Cathy Stocker and Michael Gahan (1st trial and re-sentencing)
Defending: Mitchell Lee and Richard A. Krough (1st trial )Mark Hendricksen and Julie Gardner (re-sentencing)
Circumstances Surrounding Crime: 
Hooper was convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of his ex-girlfriend, Cynthia Lynn Jarman, 23, and her two children, Tonya Kay Jarman, 5, and Timmy Glen Jarman, 3, on Dec. 7, 1993. Hooper drove Jarman and her children to a field in Canadian County where he shot Jarman twice, and then shot her son, Timmy, twice in the head. Five-year-old Tonya witnessed the shootings and escaped from the truck. Hooper chased her through the woods, firing once, missing the girl. Hooper caught up with Tonya and shot her twice in the head. Police found all three bodies in a shallow grave. 
The victims had been missing for several days before being discovered. Police records, including domestic violence reports, show that Hooper and Jarman had previously been in a physically violent relationship. 
The federal court determined Hooper’s counsel provided ineffective assistance during the punishment stage of his trial and overturned the death sentences. In a 2004 hearing, Hooper was once again sentenced to death.
Statement from Attorney General Scott Pruitt:
“Michael Hooper was found guilty by a jury of his peers and given the death sentence for ending the lives of a young mom and her two innocent children,” Attorney General Scott Pruitt said. “My thoughts are with the families of Cynthia, Tonya and Timmy for what they have endured for nearly 20 years.” 

AG Pruitt Leads Effort to Uncover EPA’s Apparent “Sue and Settle” Strategy

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Scott Pruitt and 12 other attorneys general sent a federal records request Friday to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, requesting access to documents related to the agency’s apparent new “sue and settle” strategy with environmental groups. 
The request, sent under the Freedom of Information Act, is in response to multiple lawsuits filed by environmental organizations against the federal government during the past three years. In some instances, the EPA entered a consent decree the same day the lawsuit was filed, demonstrating prior knowledge. The agreements have led to new rules and regulations for states without allowing attorneys general to enter the process to defend the interest of states, businesses and consumers. 
“This appears to be a blatant strategy by the EPA to go around the process and bend the rules to create environmental regulations that have failed in Congress,” Pruitt said. “We are investigating the pervasiveness of this tactic, and have requested documents to help in that effort. If the EPA is making backdoor deals with environmental groups to push their agenda on the American people while bypassing the states and Congress, we need to know.” 
The FOIA letter requests electronic and print documents that involve several organizations, including Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife, WildEarth Guardians, Sierra Club and the AFL-CIO. 
Out of the 45 settlements made public, the EPA has paid nearly $1 million in attorneys’ fees to the environmental groups, while also committing to develop sweeping new regulations. One EPA consent decree led to the EPA’s costliest regulation ever – the Mercury Air Toxics Standards (MATS).
“Not only does EPA’s action harm and jeopardize the States’ role as a partner with EPA, but it harms the interests of the citizens of the Requesting States,” the attorneys general wrote in the request letter.
“Our citizens rely on and expect the States to implement federal environmental law. Often, these implementation efforts require the States to design plans to meet the individual circumstances of the State, while protecting and advancing the environmental goals and requirements of federal environmental law. When EPA coordinates with non-governmental organizations regarding how federal environmental law should be applied and implemented in an individual State and excludes the State from that effort, the State and its citizens are harmed.”
Attorneys general said a written justification from the EPA may help avoid litigation.
Once the documents are received, the requesting states will analyze the data and produce a report as part of the ongoing review of the EPA’s operations. The report will be disseminated to each state as well as to the news media and Congress as a component of the AGs’ active involvement in state efforts to address environmental issues. 
For a copy of the request, go online to

AG Pruitt announced Wednesday the appointment of former distric

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Scott Pruitt issued a warning Monday for Oklahomans affected by the recent wildfires. 
“We know from past experience that major property damage after a disaster attracts criminals looking for ways to take advantage,” Pruitt said. “We want everyone to be aware of the possible schemes and scams.”
The Attorney General’s Public Protection Unit monitors and investigates home repair and charity fraud after natural disasters. They pay special attention to repair workers who travel from city to city following disasters.
“Oklahomans will want to rebuild and make repairs as quickly as possible, but we urge them to be cautious and patient. Make sure contractors are reputable,” Pruitt said. “Our Public Protection Unit has prosecuted repair workers, commonly called travelers who follow disasters across the country to profit from the misfortune of others.” 
The Attorney General Pruitt suggests the following tips for choosing a contractor or repair service:
· Ask people you trust for referrals;· Whenever possible, deal with local firms;· Check out the repair service with the Attorney General’s Public Protection Unit and the Better Business Bureau;· Ask for customer references;· Get written estimates from several firms;· Don’t do business without a written contract;· Get all guarantees, warranties and promises in writing;· Agree on start and completion dates and have them written into the contract.
The Attorney General also cautioned Oklahomans to be wary of repair services and contractors who:
· Solicit door-to-door; · Offer discounts for finding other customers;· “Just happen to have” materials left over from a previous job;· Accept only cash payments; · Pressure you for an immediate decision; · Ask you to pay for the entire job up-front.
Attorney General Pruitt said victims also need to be aware of charity fraud and possible identity theft from lost documents. Charity fraud can happen with local door-to-door solicitations or e-mails and phone calls from overseas con artists. 
“The best way to combat this type of fraud is by donating to an organization that is well-known and respected in the community,” Pruitt said. “It’s also a good idea to look into charities before making donations.”
For more information, tips and resources, go online to or call the Public Protection Unit at (405) 521-2029. 

AG Pruitt Appoints Former District Attorney to Oklahoma Ethics Commission

OKLAHOMA CITY – Attorney General Scott Pruitt announced Wednesday the appointment of former district attorney Cathy Stocker to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. Stocker will serve a 5-year term. 
“Cathy has dedicated more than 30 years of her career to public service and to seeking justice for Oklahoma crime victims,” Pruitt said. “It is important for the Ethics Commission that we choose a dedicated, proven and upstanding citizen and Cathy will serve the state well.” 
Stocker, of Enid, served for 28 years as district attorney for District 4, which consists of Garfield, Blaine, Canadian, Grant and Kingfisher counties. She has served as chairwoman of the District Attorneys Council, vice-chairwoman of the Violence Against Women Grant Board and as president of the Oklahoma District Attorneys Association. 
She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma and a juris doctor from the OU College of Law.
“It is an honor to be appointed by Attorney General Pruitt to this important commission,” Stocker said. “I am excited about this opportunity to again serve our state and look forward to it.” 
The Ethics Commission is a constitutionally established, five member, non-partisan panel comprised of private citizens from Oklahoma’s five Congressional districts. They are appointed by the governor, speaker of the house, president pro tempore, chief justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the attorney general. 
The term of the attorney general’s appointee is five years. The commissioner is eligible for a second 5-year term. The commission must contain no more than three individuals of one political party. 


A collection of leading Scottish golf clubs has announced a series of special events and historic milestones that will coincide with Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017.
(TRAVPR.COM) SCOTLAND – January 31st, 2017 – A collection of leading Scottish golf clubs has announced a series of special events and historic milestones that will coincide with Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017. Links with History, which features some of Scotland’s finestgolf courses, will mark a run of anniversaries during 2017 with a sequence of tributes and the relaunch of its recently revamped website.  

Sharing a golfing legacy stretching back over 700 years, the group was formed around common historical links and the premise of celebrating golf’s golden era. More importantly, it showcases links, heathland and parkland courses all of which are located in Fife, close to St Andrews and are designed by some of the legends of the game, such as Old Tom Morris and James Braid,

In 2017, Links with History will celebrate its collective past through a number of milestones, none more notable than the double centenary celebrations planned for one of the group’s cornerstone members; Scotscraig Golf Club. Formed in 1817, Scotscraig Golf Club is the world’s 13th oldest golf club.

“This is going to be a massive year for Scotscraig,” noted Barrie Liddle, Scotscraig Golf Club’s managing secretary. “We have a full year of bicentennial festivities planned ranging from special tournaments and open days to Grand Matches and fabulous opportunities to play the course.”

He continued: “We have been preparing for this for quite some time with formal and informal events to suit members and welcome the public. The opportunity to tie our events into Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology is a fantastic excuse to celebrate Scotland’s communal past.”

Further down the coast, the world’s seventh oldest golf club, Crail Golfing Society, will mark the 175th anniversary since its then captain John William Maillardet presented the club with a silver medal which is still played for today. The club will also be marking over 100 years since its Balcomie course was extended to 18 holes by Old Tom Morris.

However, or perhaps of even greater significance is the appointment of the club’s latest captain. “Crail’s history stretches back over 230 years,” explained Pam Smith, the Society’s first ever female Captain. “The club is one of theoldest in the world and has played a key role in the development of the game. Our history is spread over hundreds of years, but 2017 represents a marking post for a number of key moments.”

She continued: “Like many clubs involved in Links With History, Crail Golfing Society is keen to share and celebrate its heritage. The group provides a link to the beginnings of golf, and sharing this through the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Scotland’s reputation for world-class golf and history.”

Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology is designed to shine a light on Scotland’s greatest assets, icons and hidden gems. As Links With History is a culmination of remarkable histories and outstanding golf courses, it seems fitting that its year of celebration should form a key part of Scotland’s current themed year.

Malcolm Roughhead, Chief Executive of VisitScotland said: “2017 is the year to delve into the past and discover Scotland’s fascinating stories, heritage heroes and unique experiences as part of the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology celebrations.”

He continued: “With a legacy that spans six centuries, there is no finer place to play a round of golf than in the country where it was invented. The activity from Links With History will be a fantastic addition to what is already set to be a packed programme of events for both locals and visitors alike.”

The year ahead will also be one to celebrate for Ladybank Golf Club which marks 55 years since its course was expanded to its current 18-hole championship course status. Set amongst the heather, pine and silver birch trees, the original six-hole routing was laid out by Old Tom Morris in 1879 and would go on to host final qualifying for The Open Championship in St Andrews on five occasions.

The 138-year-old club will also mark 45 years since Dale Reid – one of the most successful players ever on the Ladies European Tour – became a full member, and it will be the first full season for the club’s new secretary Gordon Simpson. “Ladybank has a proud and distinguished heritage,” he said, “but it is also a forward-thinking club. This year will provide opportunities to look back at some of the milestones in the club’s history and to plan for its future.”

This approach is echoed by the fourth club within the Links With History stable; Lundin Golf Club which was founded in 1868. Despite the club marking 110 years since proposals were first drafted to expand its course to 18 holes, the club will be spending much of 2017 planning for 2018. “Preparations for the club’s 150th anniversary are already at an advanced stage,” explained Alistair McDonald secretary at Lundin Golf Club. “A club with this kind of history means we often have occasions to mark, and 2017 is no exception. This celebratory theme will definitely set the tone for 2018.”

Links with History is a culmination of great golf and glorious histories. The clubs involved

include former Open Championship Final Qualifying venues as well as trailblazers from golf’s golden era. The group has recently relaunched its website ( with updated photography and a rejuvenated look.

– ends –

Notes to editors:
About Links with History
1) Links with History is a unique collection of leading Scottish golf clubs that combine stunning golf courses with remarkable histories. The courses are based close to St Andrews in Fife, Scotland.
2) Links with History is made up of four historic golf clubs; Crail Golfing Society – est 1786; Scotscraig Golf Club – est 1817; Lundin Golf Club – est 1868 and Ladybank Golf Club est 1879.
3) Although Links with History showcases four clubs, it comprises of five golf courses – a mixture of links, parkland and heathland layouts.
4) Links with History is offering a special rate of £22.50 per course between up until March 31st 2017. A minimum of two courses must be booked to take advantage of this offer.
5) More information about Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage & Archaeology 2017 can be found at or join the conversation at #HHA2017
6) More information about Links with History can be found at

For further quotes, interview opportunities and images, contact the Links with History press office at or call Yvonne Alexander on:

Office:             +44 (0) 1337 858 807

Out of hours:   +44 (0) 7976 369 260


AG Charges Marietta Resident with Embezzlement and Medicaid Fraud

OKLAHOMA CITY —Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s Medicaid Fraud Unit has filed charges against Stacy Rena Spraggins, 38, of Marietta.
According to the charges filed in Love County District Court, Spraggins was charged with two counts of embezzlement and one count of Medicaid fraud. The charges stem from her employment as office manager for McIver Vision Clinic in Marietta. Spraggins was employed by the clinic from 2007 to 2010 and was responsible for handling the clinic’s bank deposits.
An investigation by the AG’s Medicaid Fraud Unit revealed that Spraggins purportedly embezzled funds from the clinic by cashing and keeping $6,400 in checks that were written to Dr. McIver. She also allegedly failed to deposit more than $51,000 in cash payments in the clinic’s bank account, and billed Medicaid $93,455 for eye glasses and exams that the clinic never provided. 
The Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit is the only Oklahoma law enforcement agency dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of Medicaid fraud. The unit helps raise awareness as well as investigates and prosecutes provider fraud and abuse of residents in Medicaid-funded nursing homes.
To report Medicaid fraud or patient abuse at a Medicaid center, contact the AG’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit at (405) 522-0163.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokio veranstaltet Ausstellung zum Mädchen-Puppenfest

Plaza Hotel Tokio, einem der renommiertesten internationalen Hotels
Japans und im Tokioter Bezirk Shinjuku gelegen, findet im Februar und
März 2017 eine
Sonderausstellung traditioneller japanischer Künste statt, um das
traditionelle Mädchen-Puppenfest Hinamatsuri zu feiern, bei dem
verschiedene Werke traditioneller Kunst gezeigt werden. Diese jährlich
stattfindende Ausstellung wurde von den Gästen sehr gut angenommen. In
diesem Jahr sind rund 6.500 feine handgewebte seidene
Puppen-Dekorationen, japanische, künstlerische Ukiyoe-Elemente,
die Szenen „japanische weibliche Kultur“ darstellen sowie winzige
dekorative Skulptur-Pflanzen namens „Bonsai“ zu sehen, um den Besuchern
einen Geschmack von Japans traditioneller Kunst zu bieten, die
repräsentativ für das „Mädchen-Puppenfest Hinamatsuri“ ist.

Die hängenden dekorativen Kunstverzierungen wurden speziell für die
Hotel-Ausstellung mit fein gewebten Seidentüchern aus alten Kimonos
handgenäht. Alle Handarbeiten wurden für diese Ausstellung sorgfältig
erstellt und spiegeln symbolisch die Hoffnungen für die Gesundheit und
das Glück der Kinder wider. Die zentrale Puppengruppe repräsentiert
Figuren aus dem japanischen Hof der Heian-Zeit (794-1185 n. Chr.).
Unsere Gäste aus der ganzen Welt sind aufgrund der Größe dieser
Ausstellung sprachlos, die Gästen die perfekte Gelegenheit bietet,
Bilder als Erinnerung an diese Ausstellung zu machen.

Die Tradition der winzigen dekorativen Skulptur-Pflanzen namens
„Bonsai“, die ein traditioneller Teil der japanischen Kultur ist, steht
in der
diesjährigen Ausstellung im Rampenlicht. Die Kunst der „Bonsai“ soll
während der Heian-Zeit begonnen haben und wurde zu einem beliebten
traditionellen Teil der „japanischen weiblichen Kultur“ der Meiji-Zeit.
Während der Meiji-Zeit wurden japanische Frauen als Teil ihrer
Ausbildung zu Feinheit und Etikette in die Kunst der Bonsai eingeführt,
die ihren Seelen ein Gefühl von Schönheit gegeben haben soll.
Meisterwerke aus dem
Omiya Bonsai Kunstmuseum in Saitama werden zu sehen sein, sowie eine
Kollektion Bonsai-bezogener Artefakte und Holzschnittdrucke namens Ukiyoe,
um zu zeigen, wie Bonsai eine Rolle im Leben der japanischen Frauen in
der Vergangenheit gespielt haben.

In den letzten Jahren hat sich der Begriff „Bonsai“ als Reflexion der
wachsenden globalen Wertschätzung für diese traditionelle japanische
Kunst auf der ganzen Welt etabliert. Durch diese Ausstellung wollen wir
unseren Gästen einzigartige Möglichkeiten bieten, neue und tiefgehende
Aspekte der traditionellen japanischen Kultur zu entdecken.

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die offizielle und autorisierte Version. Übersetzungen werden zur
besseren Verständigung mitgeliefert. Nur die Sprachversion, die im
Original veröffentlicht wurde, ist rechtsgültig. Gleichen Sie deshalb
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