Changing the Face of e-Learning, a progressive fast-growing e-learning platform, strives to help its users to quickly adapt to the system while creating or attending online courses, and thus to increase the efficiency of the training. One of’s main objectives has always been to create a user interface which would be highly responsive, well-organized and easy to use. That objective has now been achieved by the platform, and is currently gaining recognition and positive feedback not only from the users, but also from independent reviewers., a webpage that evaluates products and services and publishes customer reviews, has recently awarded two prizes, Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award, praising its efficient solutions and well-designed user interface.’s e-learning platform introduces a new Learning Management System (LMS), while at the same time lets the users start their own eCommerce business by displaying the courses they created in an e-shop and making them visible to Internet passers-by. The customers who browse the courses appreciate the simple and straightforward online course marketplace solutions just as the users of the platform do. Also, making extra profit by selling their courses online, companies can keep up with the 21st century business trends.
At the same time, provides the companies with an efficient way to embrace the era of online business by giving them the opportunity to create their own online educational platforms. With the development of modern technology, the teaching landscape is rapidly changing and there are cheaper and more efficient methods of training and testing the employees than those related to traditional classroom teaching.
Online and blended learning is growing in popularity among employers and employees alike. Training the students or employees by letting them attend online courses (online learning) or combining online lessons with traditional face-to-face learning (blended learning) can save a lot of money and trouble to both sides. For companies and employers, it is a way to reduce costs such as classroom rent or money for printed materials, while at the same time they have a useful tool at hand to monitor the progress of the students and employees. The employees, on the other hand, appreciate the flexibility of the tool as they can study truly wherever and whenever they want ( is now also available for all mobile devices).
Among other e-learning platforms, stands out for its well-designed LMS and easy-to-use user interface. provides e-Learning coverage for the entire employee lifecycle and its LMS is designed to be able to respond to the specific needs and demands of the user. Currently, it is available in 12 languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish.

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