Shakes Up the Competition in Boat Listings Online

USA, October 28, 2016
The online boating directory is designed to strengthen partnerships with registered dealers and brokers in the United States market, offering special dealer programs and packages for boat dealers locally and nationally who take part in the buying and selling of all different type boats, builders and manufacturers.
The boat listing directory administrators and creators have released to the press that they’re offering FREE boat listings, allowing the website’s registered sellers to list their boats for FREE in order to sell them faster. Now boat sellers don’t have to go through the difficult process of trying to contact potential buyers through local dealers because this integrated network makes certain the boat owners sell their boats or yachts in the easiest manner possible. “FREE listings mean more savings for each of our boat sellers”, says executive from during their press conference.
According to that press release, now has advanced functions and integrated features that will help the boat sellers and potential buyers to easily find these listings. For the boat seller, functions as a “free-to-use” directory that new members use for listing boats for 30 days FREE. Potential buyers can utilize the map search and the location search features to find the boats or yachts they want locally.
During this press release, the executive noted that dealer-broker special packages have attracted many new dealers and boat brokers, which makes it very useful portal for the sellers and buyers of boats to easily complete the transaction. The more inventory, the more buying options available for boat buyers.
The boat directory is both tablet and phone ready, says Fred Zimwalt, marketing director for the boat listing directory home office in Charleston. The intent here is to keep the boat buying and selling process as simple as possible. Nothing can make this buying and selling transaction worse than making it complicated to the point the laypeople get frustrated.
People using the online boat directory to buy or sell their boat are not always up to speed with the technical aspects of using such a search engine. The team at have begun using simple algorithms that work for everyone. New dealers only need fill out a short online form to qualify for all the benefits of the special packages and programs offered.
More About the Company is a free to join online directory where boats, vessels, and yachts are bought and sold.
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