“Goku” The Perfect Trap Track on SoundCloud You Will Love

There are in whole over 5 sub-genres of the popular genre Hip hop. Among all, trap is one such genre that has received immense hype in the world of music industry. Trap music being a sub genre of hip hop has accumulated a healthy fan count round the world. Trap owes good reputation in the world of music. Just a few days back, LvtheGreat dropped an amazing track based on trap, named – “Goku”.
LvtheGreat, a Hannibal, United States native basically drops tracks based on hip hop but there are few tracks that follow other genres as well and one such is trap. LvtheGreat’s latest “Goku” is featured by Hippyturf and it is produced by Kidkeva. The artist in this track has incorporated kick drum beats, synths and dramatic guitar tunes and more. If you have great love for trap tracks then this track will the just the perfect one for you.
Already this Hannibal, United States native won the heart of many across the globe. LvtheGreat has already collected good number of comments, likes and plays to his latest uploaded trap content – “Goku”. “Goku” owes exciting beats that will boost your energy up. The track has a perfect weave of drum beats, synths and dramatic guitar tunes that will tend you to hear the track over again.
Apart from “Goku”, LvtheGreat has already dropped a good count of other tracks. So if you have interest in music, along with “Goku”, you can even head over to other tracks as well. LvtheGreat’s love, passion and fun for music, peeps, as his tracks flow; and to know more about this young and talented guy, you can even visit his official Twitter, YouTube and Instagram profile. In addition to this, if you need have an inquiry about any music you can even email directly to vancuillm@gmail.com.
To listen this song of LvtheGreat, visit the given link: soundcloud.com/lvthegreat/goku-ft-hippyturf-prod-by-kidkeva
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