Organic Healthcare Appoints Market Group as its Sole Distributor in the US

Organic Healthcare appoints North American distributor

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February 18, 2017 (FPRC) — Organic Healthcare has appointed Market Group, a New York firm, as the sole distributor of its products in the US. This announcement comes at a time when the new brand has said that its finalizing work on more organic healthcare products. Currently, Organic Healthcare has produced at least three distinct products, which are available to customers via, and other major online marketplaces.
Organic Healthcare is a premier producer of natural healthcare products. The company is headquartered in Galilee Israel and owned by Thermalabs Inc. Thermalabs is an American cosmetics bigwig that has furnished the tanning market with some of the most popular products. The company became globally popular due to its production of top notch tanning products based on organic and natural ingredients. To date, Thermalabs also has stakes in the beach accessories market, the organic healthcare market, and the home accessories niche. In addition to Organic Healthcare, Thermalabs also owns two other firms namely Supremasea and Tent World.
Launched in 2016, Organic Healthcare aims to resurface some of the clear benefits that human ancestors enjoyed, such as energy, vigor and better health. Thus, the company is doing backward research, which means that its scientists are studying healthcare in the past. Priscilla Rodgers, the brand manager in charge of Organic Healthcare, has said that her company relies on over 1000 years of ancient healthcare wisdom. The company borrows heavily from the work of the Rambam (a pre-eminent Jewish scholar and physician) and other renown ancient physicians.
Organic Healthcare products are handmade by a team of professional artisans at the companys headquarters in Galilee Israel. Ingredients are sourced from naturally occurring herbs, seeds, and plants. Their products are 100% bio-organic, according to Ms. Rodgers. Currently, existing products from Organic Healthcare include the Jerusalem Balsam Spray, the Aragan Miracle Serum, and Anti-Nail Fungus.
The move to appoint Market Group as the sole distributor of the brands products in the US will probably lead to an increase in revenue. Market Group has a history of success marketing products by Thermalabs (Organic Healthcares parent company) in the United States. The firm saw immense success after it introduced Thermalabs famed Ultimitt tan applicator mitt and the Glow2Go tanning wipes. Market Groups local and online market connections will perhaps play a major role in the progress of Organic Healthcare, as the young firm aims to gain a foothold in the market.
Organic Healthcare has today appointed Market Group is the sole distributor of our products in North America. We are looking to establish our company as a global brand and are thus looking for partners who can help us get the results we are looking for. Market Group has done it right many times before with products launched by our parent company, Thermalabs. Already, we have sent out the first shipment of our existing inventory to the US. Soon, well be releasing, even more, products so that our users have a diverse variety, said Ms. Rodgers.

For more information contact Clara Simones of Organic Healthcare
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