PeerApp Achieves a Gold Medal Performance for TIM Brazil

UBLive empowers millions of Brazilians to stream live Olympic events without any time-outs
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – November 1, 2016 – PeerApp, the leading provider of network optimization solutions for mobile, telco and cable operators, today announced that its live-streaming solution, UBLive, delivered a record-breaking performance for mobile network operator, TIM Brazil, during the Olympic games. TIM deployed UBLive to cut down on the extraordinary volume of simultaneous live streams that were being generating during the weeks-long Olympic games, enabling millions of Brazilian subscribers to view events smoothly in real-time.
Brazilians are consuming more and more of their video over mobile devices and streaming live events is becoming the norm. As a result, mobile network operators have to cope with immense, sudden demand for bandwidth any time a popular event occurs. 
“The demand for live streaming was higher than ever during the games,” declared Marco Di Costanzo, TIM Brazil’s Network Director. “It reached its peak during the Brazil-Germany football final. It seems that the entire country was watching the event and masses of people were doing so over our network.”
In preparation for the Olympics, TIM deployed UBLive by PeerApp. UBLive solves the problem of sudden, live-streaming spikes, enabling network operators to cope by delivering high-quality content in close proximity to consumers. Instead of numerous, simultaneous video streams traversing the network from the originating point to the network edge, UBLive cuts the number of streams and distributes the video locally. The network avoids overwhelming bandwidth-demand spikes while subscribers enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience.
During the games, UBLive achieved a record 450% live cache productivity rating, meaning that it delivered 4.5 times more outgoing traffic to subscribers than incoming traffic from the network. At peak times, UBLive eliminated severe spikes, reducing network traffic by several Gbps. 
“The colossal volume of live-streaming, especially during the football finals, was delivered with higher quality to our subscribers and lower impact to our network,” stated Marco. “Thanks to UBLive, our subscribers got a smooth experience and enjoyed the games immensely.”
It’s not only the Brazilian networks covering the Olympics who are faced with network-crippling viewing spikes.
“We measure the phenomenon across the globe – there is virtually no communication service provider immune from unpredictable live-streaming spikes,” Mary Valentino, PeerApp’s GM Americas. “Our UBLive saves the day by satisfying subscriber demand for streaming while rescuing networks from bandwidth overload.”
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