Q Life & Medical Insurance Co. (QLM) in Russia Provides a network of medical service providers at the highest level


By virtue of an agreement signed in Moscow, QLM, the leading medical insurance and life insurance Company, entirely owned by Qatar Insurance Company (QIC), has announced that it has expanded its network of medical service providers in Russia. This step is a confirmation of the Company’s keenness to provide the best methods for its customers to benefit from the services it provides. This large expansion in Russia coincides with the World Cup, which is to be held in Russia in mid-June this year. The network includes about 700 service providers within the Russian state for QLM customers to enjoy directly services in this network, which includes the largest hospitals.

QLM ensures continuous medical insurance protection to its members who will represent prominent institutions of Qatar and who will be present at different venues of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The QLM medical network will cover all the cities where the World Cup matches will be held, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, etc. In a visit to Russia by senior executives of QLM, major hospitals and medical centers were interviewed and reviewed within the network to ascertain the quality of the services they would provide to the company’s customers. Most of QLM network providers in Russia are accredited by FIFA.


“World Cup 2022 in Qatar is a historic event and inspired by the passion of the State of Qatar towards sports,” said Mr. Salem Khalaf Al Mannai, Deputy Group President & CEO of Qatar Insurance Group, commenting on this important step. “This prompted us to ensure the provision of a network of medical services providers of the highest quality and efficiency and geographical spread, ensuring the provision of health care services across the globe.”

“The Company’s strategy for the future,” he appended, “is to reach its objectives of global expansion and to enter into new markets. From this point of view, the Company is entering into direct contracts with service providers worldwide as one of the steps to be announced soon.”

“The Qatari market,” he pointed out, “has become a global market in which all segments from around the world are present and this is a motivation to continue to develop and provide global services that suit these segments and their aspirations. QLM is pursuing the QIC’s approach in the planned growth of the Group in world markets. The Group’s presence and spread globally paves the way for QLM to spread through the companies and QIC’s branches.”

The expansion in Russia is deemed an important addition to the current network owned by QLM. This is the largest global network of medical service providers including major hospitals, medical clinics, diagnostic centers, laboratories, radiotherapy facilities, pharmacies, physiotherapy centers, dental centers and optical clinics.

Ahmed Mohamed Zebeib, a Senior Executive of QLM Life and Medical Insurance stated that, “QLM is always proactive and keen to provide the most comprehensive service to its customers. Providing the largest network of healthcare providers is a testament to this approach.

“The Company,” he added “has achieved a qualitative leap which is evidenced by the size of its customer base at the local level or at the regional level. To keep pace with this growing growth, the Company has relied on modern technologies in providing its services. It has an in-house, 24-hour call center which enables communication from outside and within the country to acquire the service from the places of customer presence The Center also employs a multi-lingual staff to facilitate dealing with all customers of the company.

“We have the largest network of service providers in the State of Qatar,” He explained, “allowing our customers complete freedom to deal with the nearest treatment center and we have representative offices within the major hospitals to ensure the highest level of health care services provided by our service providers around the world.”

Furthermore, Zebeib stressed that, “Competition is not only in the implementation of companies or institutions to provide a medical insurance for their employees, but in the quality of technology and technological services provided by the medical insurance companies to the client.”

QLM provides overseas treatment services worldwide. The Company has developed a system, the first of its kind in the Middle East, where the Company pays medical expenses outside the State of Qatar directly to the service provider based on the customer’s choice of the place of treatment in accordance with the benefits table of each medical insurance policy.


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Flood insurance and homeowners insurance – know the key differences

As the spring thaw gets underway and heavy rain storms begin hitting many parts of the country, flooding becomes a concern for many homeowners.

The simple truth: flooding is a real threat far beyond those who live near a coast and it’s important to understand the insurance coverage you need to pay for damage caused by it.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) defines a flood as a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by rising or overflowing water or mudflow.

Ninety percent of all natural disasters in the U.S. involve flooding, according to the Government Accountability Office. Floods and flash floods happen in all 50 states.

Other causes of flooding include hurricanes, winter storms and snow melt.

More than 40 percent of homeowners mistakenly think that standard homeowners insurance covers flood damage caused by heavy rain, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.).

What’s covered, what’s not

Standard homeowners and renters insurance covers damage caused from a variety of severe weather events, including hail, ice storm, tornadoes and strong winds, including winds from a hurricane.

Flood damage, however, is not covered by homeowners insurance, but coverage is available in the form of a separate policy from the federal government’s NFIP and a few private insurers. Source: I.I.I. 2016 Consumer Insurance Survey

The only qualification for the NFIP is that property owners must live in a community that participates in the program. You can check with your local government officials to find that out. The federal government requires flood insurance as a part of mortgages for houses in flood-prone areas. You might be eligible for a reduced rate if the community you live in has agreed to certain zoning regulations.

You can apply for federal flood insurance through insurance companies like American Family that participate in the NFIP in sales and claim-adjusting capacities on behalf of the federal government.

The NFIP provides coverage for up to $250,000 for the structure of the home and $100,000 for personal possessions and $500,000 each for building and contents of commercial properties. If you need flood insurance in excess of the NFIP’s limits, ask your insurance agent about specialized policies to provide excess coverage. There are also contents-only policies available for renters.

There are also private insurers that offer private flood insurance that is not associated with the National Flood Insurance Program. American Family agents are able to access these type of policies for customers to try to obtain coverage.

According to the I.I.I.’s May 2016 Consumer Insurance Survey, nationally only 12 percent of homeowners had flood insurance, the lowest number since 2010 and down from 14 percent in 2015. In addition, the number of people buying NFIP policies nationwide has plunged by 549,000—almost 10 percent—since 2009, even as coastal development surges and sea levels rise.

It’s also important to note, “Back-up of Sewer and Sump Pump Overflow” endorsements, that some property owners purchase, only cover damage caused by sewage or wastewater (effluent) that backs up through sewers or water that overflows from sump pumps. But if those occurrences are caused by flooding, coverage is excluded under the endorsement.

Plan ahead

Generally, there is a 30-day waiting period for flood insurance to become effective once the full premium has been paid. The waiting period is waived, however, when obtaining, increasing, extending or renewing a federally backed loan for a property. In cases where a property has been reclassified as high-risk due to a revision in the Flood Insurance Rate Map (where it is now in a floodplain where before it was not), the waiting period is only one day.

Options for those without flood insurance

For homeowners impacted by flooding who did not purchase flood insurance, disaster assistance may be available through grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help pay for temporary housing, emergency home repairs, uninsured and underinsured personal property losses and medical, dental and funeral expenses associated with the disaster. Residents who were affected can apply for assistance online at www.DisasterAssistance.gov or call 800-621-3362 or (TTY) 800-462-7585, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.


Employee blog: Taneya Pearson helps students soar

I work two jobs.

Most evenings, I’m on the phone helping American Family customers. As a trained auto care representative in Missouri, I set up new auto and property claims. I take calls from agents, vendors and third-party insurance companies. I help our insureds with their claims and handle their immediate needs. I also help with rental reservations and explain our auto-repair claims process.

Most days, I help our youth and young adults who suffer from temptation of suicide and lack of self-love who want to live happy lives. I help them find their destiny.

My journey was not an easy journey. At the age of 15, (the first day of my sophomore year in high school) I was hit and run over by a car driven by my brother’s bully’s friend – while the bully fought with my brother in the middle of the street.

My brother also was struck by the car. I was hospitalized for several weeks, where I had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat and deal with my new facial abnormalities. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nope! It turns out I was actually in the right place at the right time.

I knew it would be a long healing process. So, I took a deep breath, stood up as straight as I could at that time, and started to reflect on the goodness of my life. I didn’t want to drown in my grief and sorrow, so I put on my “LIFE VEST” and started dreaming and believing in myself.

I put my best foot forward and started to excel in school. My childhood dream was to become a licensed cosmetologist, but that didn’t quite happen. After I graduated high school, I went to college where I received an associate’s degree in business management and learned the ins and outs of operating a business. This new journey seemed fun, and I wanted to learn more. I later received my bachelor’s degree in business administration and then my MBA. I am also the mother of three beautiful girls and a pet turtle. My oldest daughter will graduate high school this year. (I know, I know!)

In 2017, 21 years after my tragic accident, I was mentally able to forgive my brother’s bully and his friend for all the pain I endured then and the pain I feel today. I forgave them and finally started living my dream.

I decided to help children and young adults like my brother. I wanted to let them know how important they are and no matter what obstacles they face in their life, it’s how they overcome their low-spirited moments that matters most.

Now, along with working for American Family, I am the CEO of Taneya Pearson LLC, where I am a mental health and suicide-prevention speaker, writer, author, leadership expert, entrepreneur and mentor.

I also am the author of Don’t Count Me Out, a children’s book about bullying. Don’t Count Me Out encourages children who are being bullied to speak up and tell someone and let their voice be heard. It also addresses how friends should not let friends bully.

I also run “She Listens by Taneya Pearson,” a discussion group founded to empower and inspire young girls and young women to be GREAT! We encourage our girls to dig deeper and embrace their passions. I am also a big sister at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri. My passion is guiding and helping our youth and young adults to see their greatness.

I also volunteer at local homeless shelters, children’s centers, schools, social clubs, crisis centers, and more. I find that the more I give, the more I heal. When there is a need for help, call on me!

I encourage you all to be kind to one another and never give up on your dreams. You are never too old to start something new. You have value to offer the world because YOU MATTER.

CFO Jimmy Patronis Announces Record-Breaking Unclaimed Property Returns

 Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis today announced that his Division of Unclaimed Property has set a new monthly record of unclaimed property returns in the program’s 57-year history. During the month of February, the Division’s total returns were valued at $37,885,255, exceeding the previous monthly record of $35,956,507 which was set in October 2016.

Improve Online Degree Program Visibility to Prospective Students by Partnering with the Online Degree Database

The Online Degree Database (ODD) is offering partnerships to colleges and universities with online degree programs. This unique database, established in early 2017, holds degree details for over 3,800 online programs. Program details are taken directly from online program websites by highly trained education experts. Data collected include institution name, state, degree type and name, website address, concentrations, total credits, cost per credit in-state / out-of-state and total tuition, professional accreditation, months to complete degree, detailed prerequisite and admissions requirements, details about residency requirements, and more.

The data are available to students researching online degrees through the Online Degree Database website. The website makes it easy for students to search for their degree of interest. Students use the interactive search tool to identify the program characteristics that are most important to them. They receive a free report that contains the institution names, degree names, and live links to the online program websites for programs that meet their criteria from the universe of available programs.

The Online Degree Database website greatly improves the student experience of researching online degree programs over existing online education directories, which were designed to generate leads, and have out-of-date and limited program details. The ODD website makes it easy for researching students to create a short-list of their best online program options, saving them weeks of researching on their own while providing them with information from the most comprehensive source of available online programs in the market today. It also levels the playing field for online programs to compete based on program characteristics, not advertising budgets.

Institutions that choose to partner with the Online Degree Database enjoy prioritized listing above non-partners in the free reports where they appear, have additional program characteristics shared in the report, and receive an annual competitive set including all variables collected for the universe of online competing programs. Partners may also provide the ODD with updates on program changes throughout the year, to ensure that their program data is always up-to-date for researching students. Partners also enjoy a 25% discount on syndicated studies and consulting services from the Online Degree Database.

Partnerships are $200 per program per year through September 1, 2018. After September 1, 2018 the partnership rate will increase to $250 per program per year. Institutions offering more than 20 online programs qualify for a discount. Contact michelle@onlinedegreedatabase.com for more information.

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Are You Ready to Exploit the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Private Newsletter Offers Insight, Analysis, and Investment Ideas

DALLAS, TX – Future Tech Daily, a brand-new email newsletter service, offers blockchain and technology investors rare access to insight, analysis, and investment ideas, based on private conversations with developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, “smart money” investors, and other respected emerging technology players. It is currently open to new subscribers.


Its editor-in-chief, Richard Jacobs, previously organized the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference (which took place in Dallas in February 2018) and is the host of the Future Tech Podcast.


“Running the [Future Tech] podcast has given me the opportunity to build a solid black book of some of the most respected players is the blockchain, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity spaces – not to mention other less-known tech circles”, said Mr. Jacobs.


He adds: “Behind closed doors, so to speak, they’ve lifted the lid on many dozens of exciting projects and shown me how they’re applying this new technology in all kinds of powerful and exciting ways. And as a result of some of the things I’ve learned, I’ve built up some investment positions that have already earned handsome returns – yet they’re poised to explode over the next few years.”


Unfortunately, Mr. Jacobs cannot reveal any of the confidential information that he is privy to; however, what he can do is share some of his analysis, insight, and investment ideas – and he can share any non-confidential items of intelligence with subscribers as they land on his desk each morning. He can also tell subscribers about some of the inside players who have given him permission to “go public” on their work, and he can show you why venture capitalists are queuing up to get behind these projects.


Future Tech Daily subscribers can then use this insight to make their own investment decisions.


This newsletter is currently open to new subscribers:





Press contact:


Richard Jacobs


(888) 448-4590

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