Thermalabs Launches 3 Different Sizes of Its Popular Tanner

Thermalabs has reintroduced varying sizes of its pilot product, the original self-tanner.

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February 18, 2017 (FPRC) — Thermalabs, a major cosmetics firm operating out of New York City, has reintroduced three distinct versions of its highly popular original self-tanner. This, the company says, is one of the many moves its making to reorganize its product package so that it makes sense to more customers. The company has also launched a string of other products this year, in an operation that critics have said is aimed at increasing the firms dominance in the cosmetics market.
Thermalabs is one of the success stories of the cosmetics industry. The company was launched barely three years ago, starting out as an organization that created awareness against skin cancer. However, the firm soon managed to pool the funds it needed to actually start producing skincare products. Thermalabs pilot product was the original self-tanner, a premium lotion that sold like hot cakes in the market. The lotion featured exclusive organic and natural ingredients, including the likes of Aloe Vera and Olive Oil. Following a strategic pre-marketing run, the company was able to sell over 10,000 units of this product within week one.
Thermalabs has now created three different versions of this pilot product to suit the needs of various market segments. The lotion is now available in an XL Bonus Size, a 90ml travel size, and an 180 ml moderate version.
180 ml is the original packaging size for Thermalabs popular lotion. This version is meant for users who are looking to try out this product and see how it works for them. According to Thermalabs, its tanning lotion gives an original silky feeling thats irresistible and leaves a mild fragrance on the skin. The firm recommends that its 180 ml tanning lotion should be applied with its ultimitt tan applicator mitt.
Thermalabs 250 ml is the product size designed for consumers who have already tried and are happy with this product, and are looking for more. By buying the larger size, customers do not have to worry about restocking every now and then. The 250 Ml version of the tanner contains the same ingredients as the 90ml and 180 ml versions. Its currently the best-selling unit amongst the companys repeat customers.
Thermalabs 90ml travel size tanner has been developed to suit the needs of the traveler. The 90ml packaging meets TSA air travel regulations so customers can carry their tanner whenever they are going abroad, whether for business or pleasure.
Alex Howard, the ranking officer in Thermalabs marketing department, has said that the new 3-size packaging approach has already started bearing fruits for the company. Mr. Howard has said that by better packaging the lotion to meet the needs of the various consumer group, the company will not only be able to serve its customers better but also deal its competitors a major blow.

For more information contact Simon Gich of Thermalabs
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