Travición Wants to Maximize Your Travel Enjoyment

Travición Wants to Maximize Your Travel Enjoyment
Travición is a new app that bases travel recommendations upon interests, allowing travellers to optimize their trips. The app is now available on (PRUnderground) March 8th, 2017Everyone loves a perfect trip, a journey where all activities you enjoy are fulfilled. Travición is a new app that is deddicated to help travelers plan the ideal vacation in a way that maximizes their enjoyment and make the most out of their travel budget. Rather than using the location as the starting point, Travicion urges people to “travel their interests.”
The app’s name, Travición, is the combination of the words travel and afición. Afición means hobby in Spanish. The app begins with “Find me a tour where I can enjoy …”. From there users will make a selection or multiple selections of activities that they enjoy. Users that choose surfing and photography will get different travel choices, than those that may choose hiking and art. The idea is to plan a vacation not based on country but on those criteria and activities that the individual enjoys pursuing.
Travición is based on a novel machine learning algorithm which analyses a large amount of information about travel destinations around the world and produces a ranking of destinations more likely to satisfy the input interests. “Conceptually, the app researches information about thousands of cities in the world to recommend the ones suitable for your interests,” says Travición lead developer Mohamed Abdel Maksoud. The app initially supports travel destinations in Europe, “Support for other geographical areas will be added incrementally. We also plan to improve the algorithm to provide more personalized search results to reflect differences in individual preferences and tastes.“
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