(An animated Series in support of The Trump Movement to immortalize the campaign of 2016)
Based on fact and fiction..(6. series ideas)
By Mitchell J Schultz Creator of the 2006 approved animated series concept by Mr Donald J Trump
Episode I – End of ISIS
With terrorism growing now in over 30 countries around the globe our hero-SUPER-TRUMP takes on Isis and is joined by many others and they win, then he puts together a coalition to keep each territory CLEAN ( that’s no longer breeding terrorism). The coalition would be made up of all those participating countries and groups that took part in the defeat of Isis. Each equally contributes in funds and man power and in every way they can to pull their fair share ( an important factor of The Trump Movement). World wide terrorism is. ending.
Episode Ii – Repayment Of The USA National Debt!
Our super-Trump hero figures ways of reducing the almost $20 trillion dollar USA debt. Looking back to see when it was 1/2 in 2008 and what caused it ( $5-6 trillion in Middle East wars). As a super successful businessman knowledgeable of the ins and outs of how to make and save money, Super Trump pays off the entire $20 trillion and starts to finally show a profit. We collect on our debts, put great new trade deals together and get the other world countries to pay their fair share.
Episode III – A Safe America!
In this episode our superhero Donald Trump builds his wall on the Mexican Border and gets Mexico to cough up its old debt it owes the USA.Trump negotiates this great deal to live up to his promise. Rid us of the drugs and dangerous criminals.
Additionally, he personally supervises the taking in of all immigrants and those coming from Syria as well as from all those countries where Radical Islamic Terrorists could have come from. All would be extremely vetted, and limited to small intakes. As for Syrian refuges our Super Trump builds livable sections within Syria as a USA humanitarian effort for the world to notice. Plus teaches these people how to help themselves.
Episode IV – International Super World Diplomat!
Our Super hero Trump makes friends with Putin and Russia which outgrew from the Isis joint wining effort. With the two most powerful super powers working for world peace and prosperity.
Countries like Iran, North Korea, are kept in check as in Syria both Asad and the Rebels cease fire to stop the slaughter of millions and both Russia and the USA team up to rebuild Syria.
The Middle East is still unsettled but the USA is now involved in rebuilding its own territory at home.
Great new China trade deals to enrich the USA.
Episode V – Trump Family Values!
Our super hero introduces his children Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric, Tiffany and Barron and his very charming wife Melania who will show each of their unique talents and contribute to The Trump Movement.
A family party is set up to entertain and educate all. Here is where super Trump begins his business lessons to give American youth a preview of business and real estate to bring an interest of opportunity and wealth that can follow a successful career.
Episode VI – Trump Cleans Up The Corrupt Government!
This episode showcases all the dishonesty, pay for play and the Great Clinton Deception to Slay Bernie Sander’s and discredit our super hero. The lies and untruths to win without morals.
The youth of America must see how the government’s weaknesses are created. How the power is mishandled, the press biased the lobbyists rewarded for their contributions? The lesson of political influence and what is an honest government that CAN run our country the right way. To improve conditions in the inner cities and underprivileged areas for Afro-Americans and Hispanics.
These 1st 6 Episodes give all that view an entertaining and fictionalization of what The Trump Movement is really about.
Whether Donald Trump is our next President or not, the lessons that are presented in our Super Trump Animated series will be both entertaining as well as educational.
This is a feature of PolitaMax In association with MovieNet.TV

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